Video resources to support mathematics learning

The attached file is Morten Brekke's presentation at the "How to Study Mathematics" sessions in Kristiansand (21 September 2015) and Grimstad (22 September 2015). It includes links to many video resources for learning mathematics.

Many of the resources are in English. The English-Norwegian mathematics word list may also be useful, the list can be found at the link below:

English-Norwegian Mathematics Vocabulary

How to study Mathematics - Video resources_MB.pdf

Mathematical Modelling Colloquium 2015

Papers presented at the mathematical Modelling Colloquium 28-29 May 2015, UiA Kristiansand

Authenticity in teaching and learning mathematical modelling_Vos.pdf
Developing modelling based mathematics teaching_Blomhøj & Kjeldsen.pdf
From mathematics to modelling_Siqveland.pdf
How can we reach out to the creative entrepreneur types_Martens.pdf
Modelling & inquiry how are they related_Jaworski.pdf
Real-world modelling and scientist personality types_Martens.pdf
Reflections on the use of NetLogo in teachng ecology_Fiksen.pdf
Students in academia are different who do we talk to_Sæbø.pdf