MatRIC Conference 2017

Presentations from Day 2, October 10, 2017

Appeal for research help by Eivind Hillesund

Chris Rasmussen

Paper by Freeman et al. metaanalysis of 225 studies referred to by Chris Rasmussen

Henderson, C., et al. (2017) Editorial from IJRUME: Towards the STEM DBER Alliance

Link to NCTM Research Compendium referred to by Chris Rasmussen

Antii Rasila

Chris Sangwin

Antii Rasila Automatic assessment and international collaboration in mathematics education.pdf
Chris Rasmussen Research on Teaching University Mathematics.pdf
Chris Sangwin Mathematics tasks_past present and future.pdf
Eivind R Hillesund_Research appeal_Resource use at universities.pdf
Freeman_S_et al_Active learning increases student performance in science engineering and mathematics_metaanalysis of 225 studies.pdf
Henderson_C et_al_2017_IJRUME_Editorial_Towards the STEM DBER Alliance.pdf