MatRIC's Mid-Term Evaluation

Documents relating to MatRIC's mid-term evaluation. See related article here.

01_Template for self-evaluation document.pdf
03_ Response to 02 by Evaluation Panel - Final Initial Review of the Self-Evaluation Reports- MatRIC.pdf
04_Additional information required by evaluation panel.pdf
05_ Extract from Studibarometer provided by NOKUT-Matric_SB_050417.pdf
06_Interim evaluation Program for the site visit.pdf
07_Site visit_Profiles of informants.pdf
08_Site visit_Presentation 22 May 2017.pdf
09_MATRIC report after site visit - Final.pdf
10_Final Action Plan Structure 2017.pdf
11_Preparation for action plan_meeting with national stakeholders.pdf
12_Preparation for action plan_Notes from UiA meeting.pdf
13_MatRIC Action plan draft.pdf
14_MatRIC feedback on action plan.pdf
15_MatRIC Action Plan for Phase 2.pdf
16_MatRIC Action Plan for Phase 2 Appendix.pdf
18_MatRIC December 2016.pdf
19_Interim evaluation-final report December 2017.pdf