MATHBRIDGES – an international collaboration with Kristiansand’s twin city Münster.

Collaboration with The Institute for Didactics of Mathematics at Westphalian Wilhelms-University, Münster, Kristiansand’s twin city.Read more

MatRIC Contact Group

MatRIC is in the process of developing a ‘contact group’ to improve communications with higher education mathematics teachers around Norway, and to ensure national representation in MatRIC’s planning and actions. The MatRIC Contact Group (MCG) will be the kernel of a national network that supports the transformation and improvement of students’ learning experience in mathematics.Read more

Higher Mathematics Teaching Development

​MatRIC works with teachers and students on developing mathematics teaching and learning. MatRIC leads teaching courses for higher education mathematics teachers and student teaching assistants.Read more

Partnership for Learning and Teaching in University Mathematics. (PLATINUM)

The main goals of this international collaborative project are to strengthen and develop teaching to promote research-based learning, or inquiry based learning, with higher education students of mathematics, engineering, teacher education etc. The group includes research mathematicians and statisticians, and mathematics education researchers who are engaged in teaching mathematics and statistics and committed to improving the performance of their students.Read more

Computer Aided Assessment in Mathematics

Modern and emergent technologies open the possibility of effective computer aided assessment (CAA) in mathematics. MatRIC's CAA network gives Norwegian higher education mathematics teachers the opportunity to connect with and learn from leading international scholars and developers in CAA in mathematics.Read more