Mathematics support centres in Dublin

Anne Berit Fuglestad reports from her visit to four centres in May 2015 Read more

Second MatRIC research report

Hauge, K. H. (Bergen University College): "Students’ critical reflections on a graph of temperature anomalies" -Report on MatRIC project 140602 Read more

Proceedings: Mathematical Modelling Colloquium

Abstracts with links to papers presented at the Mathematical Modelling Colloquium 28-29 May 2015 at UiA, campus Kristiansand.Read more

MatRIC Drop in

At the beginning of the autumn semester 2015 MatRIC will open two mathematics support centres, one on campus Kristiansand and one on campus Grimstad.Read more

Abstracts: Mathematical Simulation and Visualization Symposium

Below you will find abstracts for the programme in the Simulation and Visualization Symposium taking place 26-27 May 2015 at UiA, campus Grimstad and Kristiansand.Read more

First MatRIC research project report published!

Professor Said Hadjerrouit (University of Agder) received one of the MatRIC small research grants in 2014. The report from his inquiry into the use of digital visualization and simulation software with mathematics teacher education students can be read here. Read more

The annual conference in Trondheim - Report

The first MatRIC annual conference was held in Trondheim 27-28 November, 2014. There were over 90 participants, from 35 institutions from within and outside Norway. People gathered to discuss teaching and learning of mathematics in higher education. The evaluation questionnaire sent to all participants has resulted in generally very positive feedback - and some helpful critical observations that will help as to improve next time round. We are already planning the next MatRIC conference to be held in November 2015.Read more

The MatRIC Team

The people associated with MatRICRead more

Looking ahead to 2015

Our plans for 2015 were boosted by the welcome announcement in the national budget of an additional 1 million kroner for the centres of excellence in education that had started in 2014. So in 2015 MatRIC will receive 4 million from NOKUT (Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education) and an equivalent sum from the University of Agder. We want to see as much of this as possible being invested in activities and events that will make a difference to teaching and learning mathematics in universities and university colleges throughout Norway. The main activities for 2015 include:Read more

MatRIC Conference 2014.

This Newsletter is timed to coincide with the first MatRIC conference. The conference is being held in Trondheim 27-28 November, we are very grateful to The Norwegian Centre for mathematics Education (NSMO) for the support we have received, and for allowing MatRIC to follow the regular NSMO ‘November Conference’.Read more

Research Seed funding

MatRIC is funding small scale research to explore teaching and learning university level mathematics. Brief descriptions of the projects supported can be found in the attachments below:Read more

Core activities

MatRIC has four interdependent work packages focusing on networking, research, innovation and dissemination.Read more

MatRIC has established a Teacher Education working group

Claire Vaugelade Berg is the coordinator of the new group. The teacher education is very important for MatRIC and now we have a working group focusing especially on pupils 5-10.Read more