Research Report: Mathematical Modelling in Biology

Goodchild, S., Rogovchenko, Y., & Viirman, O. (2015). Motivating Mathematics for Biology Students through ModellingRead more

MatRIC Research Report

Marianne Maugesten and Monica Nordbakke: Using a flipped classroom approach with teacher education students.Read more

MatRIC Research Report

Ragnhild Johanne Rensaa: On short-video productions of a linear algebra topic for engineering studentsRead more

MatRIC Research Report

Christine Lindstrøm, Kristian Vestli & James Gray: Using Khan Academy to support students’ mathematical skill development in a physics courseRead more

Awesome mathematics videos

A challenge to create inspirational mathematics videos for communication and learning support.Read more


14-16 October, 2015 - Mathematics tutorial video production - this MatRIC event is organized in collaboration with the University of Tromsø. Read more

Mathematics support centres in Dublin

Anne Berit Fuglestad reports from her visit to four centres in May 2015 Read more