7 October 2020

It's all change at the top!

A farewell reflection by Simon Goodchild as he steps aside from leading MatRIC

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7 October 2020

MatRIC's plans: Autumn 2020 – Summer 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted on us all in many ways. We have been forced to adopt new working patterns, our short- and long-term plans have had to be set aside, routines have been disrupted, and contingencies must be made for changes in circumstances that could arise within a matter of days.

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14 August 2020

MatRIC Survey of online mathematics teaching and learning spring semester 2020

A Preliminary Report by Farzad Radmehr and Simon Goodchild

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28 May 2020

Seminar on digital mathematics teaching

Digitalt seminar om digital matematikk-undervisning

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1 October 2019

PLATINUM-MatRIC Workshop on Inquiry Based Mathematics Education

“Inquiry-based tasks for university mathematics teaching-learning" University to Agder, Campus Kristiansand Monday, November 18, 2019

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2 September 2019

The 14th International Congress on Mathematical Education

July 12 to 19 2020, meeting in Shanghai, China. There will be many parts of the programme that will be of interest to colleagues in our MatRIC community.

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27 August 2019

Changes in MatRIC’s leadership team

Morten Brekke becomes Chair of MatRIC's Management Board, as Astrid Birgitte Eggen takes up a new appointment as Vice rector at Stavanger University. Linda G. Opheim takes on MatRIC's Mathematics Teacher-Education portfolio.

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27 August 2019

MatRIC Annual Conference 2019

On behalf of the MatRIC team we would like to welcome you to MatRIC’s 6th Annual Conference, to be held in Bergen at the Grand Hotel Terminus on October 14-15, 2019.

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8 June 2019

Duncan Lawson honoured

We are delighted to congratulate Professor Duncan Lawson (Coventry University) on the UK award of ‘MBE’ in the Birthday Honours (2019) of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.

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16 February 2019

MatRIC's Planned activity for 2019

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MatRIC Conference 2017

Presentations from Day 1, October 9, 2017

Chris J. Budd (Also attached a related paper by Chris Budd and David Barton)

Berit J. Kjeldstad

George Kinnear

Barton_D & Budd_C_2014_Inspiring teaching by linking mathematics to industry.pdf
Berit Kjeldstad Strategic planning that makes a difference.pdf
Chris J Budd Inspiring teaching by linking maths to industry.pdf
George Kinnear Improving a mathematics diagnostic test.pdf

MatRIC Inspiration Day 6 December 2016

MatRIC's Management Board, network coordinators, drop-in support centre leaders and research fellows met to share reports on progress and discuss about challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

The resources included here are the presentations made on that day.

01_MatRIC Inspiration Day Invitation _L_Egelandsaa.pdf
03_MatRIC Leader Report_S_Goodchild.pdf
04_MatRIC Digital Assessment network_M_Brekke.pdf
05_MatRIC Video network_M_Brekke.pdf
06_MatRIC Visualization & Simulation network_PH_Hogstad.pdf
07_MatRIC Drop-in support centres_AB_Fuglestad.pdf
08_MatRIC_PhD fellow_NM_Hogstad.pdf
09_MatRIC PhD fellow_H_Fredriksen.pdf
10_MatRIC PhD fellow_I_Liakos.pdf
11_MatRIC PhD fellow_H_Kjelsrud.pdf
12_MatRIC PhD fellow_S_Kanwal.pdf
13_MatRIC Post_Doc_O_Viirman.pdf
14_MatRIC Inspiration Day Questions to MatRIC's Research Fellows.pdf