Second Announcement

Please follow this link for registration

It is possible to register for just one day at the conference.

The conference will have two themes, each day focusing on just one of these.

Day One, Monday 17 September, will focus on "The Why, What and How of Teaching Calculus"

The first keynote speaker for the day will be Professor David Bressoud, currently Director of the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences in the USA. Professor Bressoud is also a former President of the Mathematical Association of America. More information about Prof. Bressoud can be found at

The second keynote speaker will be Dr. Karen Marrongelle, who is dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Portland State University. Dr. Marrongelle is a professor of Mathematics and Statistics, holding an undergraduate in mathematics and philosophy from Albright College, a graduate degree in mathematics from Lehigh University, and a PhD in mathematics education from the University of New Hampshire. Her research examines how students learn college level mathematics and identifies ways to innovate teaching methodology and curriculum design to enhance student learning. Her research has helped teachers, schools, and university systems design more engaging and meaningful courses that lead to greater student success.

Others who have agreed to make presentations in day one are Professor Tom L. Lindstrøm (UiO) and Helmer Aslaksen (UiO).

Day Two, Tuesday 18 September, will focus on "Student as Partners"

The main keynote speaker will be announced later.

Other presenters in day two will include Professor Barbara Jaworski (Loughborough University, UK), Dr. Ian Jones (Loughborough University UK) and Dr. David Sirl (Nottingham University UK), and presentations from four Centres for Excellence - ProTed, bioCEED, CEMPE and MatRIC.

There is no charge for participating in the conference and MatRIC will cover the cost of meals and one night at the conference hotel. Participants who require an additional night accommodation should contact Elisabeth Rasmussen.

The Conference Programme Committee is composed of: Helmer Aslaksen (UiO), Thomas Gjesteland (UiA) and Lillian Egelandsaa (MatRIC/UiA).