MatRIC is again announcing the opportunity to apply for small grants, up to 50000 NOK, to support research into university level mathematics education. This will be the fifth year in which such grants have been announced. Additionally, in 2018 there is the opportunity to apply for a much larger amount, up to 250 000 NOK, to undertake research with a similar focus as the smaller grants, but that will provide insight into practices related to university level mathematics education practices in several parts of Norway.

MatRIC Research Grants are an important part of MatRIC's mission as a Norwegian Centre for Excellence in Education. The purposes of the grants are

  1. To develop the Norwegian research base into university level mathematics education.
  2. To provide knowledge about the effectiveness of practices, both traditional and innovative.
  3. To contribute to the national debate about the quality of mathematics education.

Norwegian Centres for Excellence must "contribute to the development and dissemination of knowledge and practices about the design of teaching and learning environments that are conducive to learning" (NOKUT 'Awarding status as Centre for Excellence in Education, revised 11 February 2016).

The up-take of grants has not been high, so far proposals have only been rejected because they do not meet the focus and quality criteria set out in the announcement. Since 2014, eighteen proposals have been funded, these have been based in altogether 7 institutions. Projects have been reported in national and international conferences, including MatRIC's annual conference; within a 'thematic issue' of NOMAD, Nordic Studies in Mathematics Education (2017/4), which was proposed by MatRIC; and MatRIC's web site.

In 2018 research will be supported that focuses on one (or more) of the following themes:

  • Computer Aided Assessment.
  • Use of Video in teaching and/or learning
  • Use of digital simulation and visualization in teaching and/or learning
  • Students as partners in teaching and assessment
  • Activity/inquiry-based approaches

These are aligned to the areas of innovation and development currently pursued by MatRIC.

The intention is to keep the application process as easy as possible. For the smaller grants the proposal is expected to be 2 or 3 sides of A4, this should be accompanied with CVs of the research team and a note of approval from the Dean or Department Head of the applicant.

The amount on offer is relatively small, it is hoped that the research promoted will support the application for a larger proposal to external funding bodies such as the research Council of Norway or the EU.

For more information, and details about how to apply for a MatRIC Research Grant go to