From the outset MatRIC has sought to develop a learning community of higher education mathematics teachers in Norway. We believe that excellent mathematics teaching exists throughout Norway and MatRIC uses its resources to bring the mathematics teaching community together so that we can learn from each other. In the spirit of openness and desire to learn from each other I am sharing documents that have passed between MatRIC, NOKUT and the Evaluation Panel during this year that the evaluation has been conducted.

The outcome of the evaluation, and whether MatRIC will be awarded a further five years of funding was published by NOKUT on 12 December 2017 after considering the Evaluation Panel's final report and recommendation.

NB. Advised by NOKUT on 5 October - NOKUT Board will consider the evaluation panel's report in their meeting on 12 December 2017.

I will not attempt to write MatRIC's 'story' of the process through 2017. The 19 documents listed below tell the highlights. Many of the documents are the outcome of many rounds of revision; from the MatRIC side the process has included our International Advisory Board, Management Board and colleagues active within MatRIC. It will be clear from the documents that many 'stakeholders' in our Norwegian community have also been involved in the process. To give a sense of the magnitude of the task, I created a folder on 09 January 2017 in which I kept all the documents relating to the evaluation. It now holds 258 separate documents, making up about 100MB of data. Of course, it is not yet complete because it does not contain the Evaluation Panel's final report and recommendation, or the decision by the NOKUT Board.

Studying these documents may be helpful to: (1) Groups proposing a Centre for Excellence in the next round; (2) Centres for Excellence preparing for their own mid-term evaluation; (3) Our own Norwegian higher education mathematics teaching community to understand the decision of the NOKUT Board and, if this is to fund a second five-year period, the direction MatRIC will take.

The documents are listed in logical/historical sequence. The leading number corresponds to the prefix of the document name. All the documents listed below can be found within MatRIC's on-line resources, here.

  • 01 Template for the Self-Evaluation Document
  • 02 MatRIC's Self Evaluation Document (delivered 03 April 2017)
  • 03 Evaluation Panel's response to MatRIC's self-evaluation
  • 04 Additional information provided by MatRIC as the Evaluation Panel requested
  • 05 NOKUT's extract from 'studiebarometeret' produced for the Evaluation
  • 06 Programme for the site visit (22 May 2017) requested by the Evaluation Panel
  • 07 Profiles of informants invited by MatRIC to meet the Evaluation Panel
  • 08 MatRIC's presentation to the Evaluation Panel at the site visit
  • 09 Evaluation Panel's report following the site visit
  • 10 Template for the Phase Two Action Plan produced by the Evaluation Panel
  • 11 Notes from meeting with national stakeholders to prepare the action plan (09 August 2017)
  • 12 Notes from meeting with UiA stakeholders to prepare the action plan (15 August 2017)

There was an additional meeting 21 and 22 August 2017 in which members of MatRIC's Management Board, International Advisory Board and student representatives met to discuss the action plan. Only hand-written notes were produced. The product of this meeting is the draft action plan (13).

  • 13 Draft Action Plan sent to the Evaluation Panel at the end of August 2017
  • 14 Evaluation Panel's response to the draft Action Plan
  • 15 Action Plan for Phase Two (final)
  • 16 Appendix to the Action Plan

In addition to the above, further documents were provided for the Evaluation Panel:

  • Notes from the annual meetings of MatRIC's International Advisory Board
  • 17 MatRIC's Strategy 2016-2017
  • 18 A document produced for internal use setting out how MatRIC is meeting its goals (December 2016)

The final report of the Evaluation Panel was published 12 December 2017, when NOKUT confirmed that MatRIC (and the other two SFUs evaluated during 2017) would receive a second phase of funding.

  • 19 Final Report from the Evaluation Panel

We are deeply grateful to everyone who has contributed to the production of all these documents, especially the members of MatRIC's International Advisory Board who have provided wonderful support throughout the process.

I am activating the 'comments' feature below to enable discussion within our MatRIC community.

12 December 2017