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There will be three physical meetings and one virtual meeting.

26-27 September, 2017 Gardermoen.

Contributors include Burkhard Alpers, Aalen University; André Heck, University of Amsterdam; Lisa Lorentzen, NTNU.

Proposed content:

  • Elementary exposition of teaching and learning theory.
  • Making mathematics relevant in 'service' courses.
  • Teaching large groups.
  • Task design – goals for tasks, creating tasks, managing tasks.
  • Managing problem solving classes.

November, 2017

virtual/skype – date to be decided

9-10 April, 2018 Kristiansand.

Contributors include Chris Rasmussen, San Diego State University; Chris Sangwin, The University of Edinburgh.

Proposed content:

  • Assessing mathematical knowledge, understanding and competencies.
  • Researching mathematics teaching and learning in universities.

June, 2018 Trondheim

One day, date and contributor to be agreed.

  • Digital approaches to teaching and learning mathematics.
  • Mathematics support.


MatRIC will cover all expenses incurred through attending the face to face sessions.

Expressions of interest to participate in the course should be directed to MatRIC Project Manager

Further information will be available on

Course tutors are: Frode Rønning, NTNU; Helmer Aslaksen, UiO; Simon Goodchild, UiA.