Frode Rønning, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Arvid Siqveland, University College of Southeast Norway

Morten Brekke, University of Agder

Have agreed to act as MatRIC Ambassadors. Their main task will be to visit groups of mathematics teachers in Norwegian universities and university colleges.

They will be MatRIC's 'ears and eyes', we want to find out about all the excellent approaches to teaching and learning mathematics, the innovations and use of modern technology, the creativity and imagination brought to meet the challenge of raising students' performance in mathematics. MatRIC wants to celebrate excellent practice and encourage dissemination, especially through MatRIC events.

They will be MatRIC's voice, to explain how MatRIC might be used as a resource by individuals, groups and departments to raise the quality of mathematics teaching and learning.

It has always been the firm belief within MatRIC that excellence in mathematics teaching and learning and good examples of student engagement in research and development based practice can be found through Norwegian higher education institutions. It is MatRIC's mission to promote excellent practice, to provide opportunities for the dissemination of innovation and research in teaching and learning, and facilitate learning from each other so that Norwegian students enjoy 'world class' (or better) mathematics education.

If there is some great mathematics teaching going on in your institution, or students are engaged in exciting projects and approaches to learning, or if you want to learn more about what MatRIC can offer - please invite an 'ambassador'.

MatRIC Ambassadors will also be making contact with institution and/or department leaders, and others with an offer of a visit.

To arrange a visit please contact MatRIC Project Manager, Lillian.Egelandsaa