The videos have been produced by a group of experienced higher education mathematics teachers drawn from several institutions around Norway. The videos are the result of a project initiated by the Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions, MatRIC has been pleased to join this project, share funding and host the videos produced.

The production group comprises:

  • Anette Wrålsen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • Halvard Fausk, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences
  • Inger Christin Borge, University of Oslo
  • Johannes Kleppe, University College of Southeast Norway
  • Tom Louis Lindstrøm, University of Oslo
  • Klara Hveberg, University of Oslo

Nearly 70 videos are now published at with a similar number awaiting editorial review by the production group. The videos cover areas of mathematics including: sets & algebra, coordinates in the plane, powers and logarithms, functions, geometry (mensuration), trigonometry, sequences and series, integration, derivation, vectors in two dimensions, mathematical argumentation.

The videos can be found by clicking on 'TV' above.

We hope to complete this project by summer 2017.