Our goal is to bring together people using or interested in using modeling and realistic applications in undergraduate university teaching and researching on the use of mathematical models and modelling in teaching. We welcome participants wishing to share personal experiences which may enrich our teaching with new ideas.

Since our modelling network at MatRIC has good collaborative links with another centre of excellence bioCEED at the University of Bergen , we plan to dedicate Wednesday, August 10 to talks addressing mathematical modelling in biology and life sciences and mathematics education of future biologists. During sessions on Tuesday and Thursday various aspects of teaching mathematical modelling at university level will be discussed.

Presenters will include:

Professor Ángeles Domínguez, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico

Professor Chris Rasmussen, San Diego State University, California

Professor Nadav Bar, NTNU, Norway

Dr. Jorge Duarte, Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa, Portugal

Dr. André Heck, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dr Paul Hernandez-Martinez, Loughborough University, England

Dr. P.H.M. Uijlings, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Mathematical Modelling Colloquium 2015 took place in Kristiansand during May 28-29, 2015 when MatRIC hosted 42 registered participants, including 13 participants from the Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden.

Programme committee:

Dr. André Heck, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dr Paul Hernandez-Martinez, Loughborough University, England

Professor Yuriy Rogovchenko, University of Agder, Norway.

Registration and accommodation

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Registration will remain open throughout July. However, Clarion Hotel Ernst would only hold the rooms until the end of June. Participants may contact the hotel during July, but there is no guarantee that a room will be available.

MatRIC has reserved 30 rooms at Clarion Hotel Ernst, Kristiansand. Participants who wish to occupy one of these rooms for up to three nights: (arriving 8 and departing 11 August) are asked to contact the hotel directly - follow the instructions at the registration link. MatRIC will also provide lunches and dinners for participants. Due to limited budget, MatRIC is unable to cover other costs incurred by participants (e.g. travel, additional nights, alternative hotel) unless agreed in advance.

After the Colloquium, there will be a METMAS event for graduate students

Thursday, August 11, 15:00 – 18:00


Friday, August 12, 09:00 – 13:00

Further information about this event will be posted here.

Additional sessions will serve as a forum for doctoral students at UiA and BUT where a variety of issues related to education in mathematics in Czech Republic and Norway will be discussed. During the Friday session, an opportunity for graduate students to present their research will be provided. These sessions will be of interest to doctoral fellows and others interested in teaching and research in mathematics and mathematics education.

METMAS has been a collaborative project between MatRIC and Brno University of Technology funded by an EEA Norway Grant, we are grateful for this support.

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