Do you have an idea for a brilliant video to communicate a mathematical concept, procedure or proof? Are you able to make that video using the resources to hand, such as a smart phone camera? Are you prepared to share the video and generate discussion that will help to improve it?

If the answer to each of the above questions is 'yes', and you are a teacher or student in a Norwegian university or university college - the challenge is to make that video and submit it to MatRIC so that it can be shared on and generate a discussion that will help to improve the quality of mathematics tutorial videos. See below for detailed instructions.

If after the discussion it is decided that the video is worth developing professionally MatRIC will support its production using the professional standard studios at UiA. MatRIC will then add the video to MatRIC TV.

It does not have to be long or complicated, we look for inspiration ...

Take a look at the video made by Jim Fowler below (from YouTube with a 'creative commons' licence):


  1. Record the video using whatever means available and upload the video into YouTube or Vimeo.
  2. The text and speech should be in Norwegian.
  3. The video should not be longer than 12 minutes - if the topic requires longer, as for example in a proof, then take an extract from the proof that demonstrates the innovative or creative idea that the video demonstrates.
  4. Produce an accompanying text that explains the innovative idea about the video that can be posted on the MatRIC web page, with the video. Note, the MatRIC web pages are capable of no more than basic text editing, any mathematics text will need to be prepared and uploaded as a picture file.
  5. Send the link to the video and the accompanying text to Simon Goodchild.

Following this:

  1. There will be a brief editorial check to ensure the video meets the basic requirements: the video is about university level mathematics; is in Norwegian, is of a suitable length ; has accompanying text.
  2. The video will then be posted within the video network section of, with the discussion portal opened (as with this article). This will enable comments and discussion about the video and the underlying idea.
  3. If the discussion supports the idea arrangements will be made for a fresh recording (if necessary) and the video will be added to MatRIC TV.