Per Henrik Hogstad, coordinator of MatRIC's visualization and simulation working group has spent many years programming visualizations and simulations in mathematics, statistics, physics and more. His programs, SimReal, SimReal+, and most recently SimRealN have always been available through his personal website. With MatRIC's encouragement he has been working on the user interface to make his programs more accessible for teachers and students in other universities and university colleges. MatRIC is now proud to include a link to his work within our web-site.

Click here to go to SimReal+ and SimRealN

We hope you will explore his programs, and that you will find resources that can support your teaching and learning.

Please note, these resources are still under development and the framework is constructed to accommodate additional functionality and visualizations as they are developed. At the moment several of the 'links' do not work, but there is sufficient material here to be useful and for that reason we make the programs available through There is also some sensitivity to the web browser used, most recent versions of Firefox and Chrome should work OK.

If this is your first time to explore Per Henrik's resources you are strongly recommended to read the brief "Introduction", and take a look at the "Tutorial" video, which gives an idea of the range of programs and their interactivity.

Note also the menu convention:

'+' indicates a sub menu to open, click on the '+' symbol.

'-' indicates the end of a menu chain, at this point click on the name beside the '-' to open the program.

We hope you will find many things here to support your teaching and learning.

If anyone would like to join Per Henrik in developing this resource, please contact him at