MatRIC centre leader Simon Goodchild welcomed people to the conference.

UiA Vice Principal and Chair of the MatRIC Board Marit Aamodt Nielsen opened the conference.

On the first day there were three workshops led by coordinators of MatRIC Working Groups: Digital Assessment; Simulation & Visualization; and Mathematical Modelling. Conference participants could choose to participate in two workshops as they were repeated on the second day of the conference.

Morten Brekke leading the Digital Assessment Workshop

A small group from the Mathematical Modelling Workshop ... 'how long will it take a snowball to melt to half its mass?'

Per Henrik Hogstad leading the Simulation and Visualization Workshop.

On Friday Tom Lindstrøm gave the keynote lecture entitled: What does it mean to understand mathematics? A few questions and no answers. The lecture was very interesting and stimulated interesting discussion afterwards.

The conference also included ten research and innovation reports in two parallel sessions, we conclude with pictures from these sessions.

James Gray: Using Khan Academy (KA) to strengthen mathematics skills of pre-service teachers.

Said Hadjerrouit: Evaluating Students' Perceptions of SimReal+ in Mathematics Education: Preliminary Results.

Ragnhild Johanne Rensaa, and Pauline Vos: Introducing a comparative research of didactical approaches in mathematics teaching videos.

Olov Viirman: How can university mathematics education research be of use to mathematicians?

Kjellrun Hiis Hauge, Terje André Bringeland, Andreas Austlid Hagen, Marius Sætren Sumstad, Maria Astad Sørngård, Tor Inge Vethe: Co-learning in a lecturer - student project on critical reflection (Part 1).

Also, master students from Bergen University College also made a presentation of their inquiry...

Tor Inge Vethe, Maria Astad Sørngård, Andreas Austlid Hagen, Terje André Bringeland, Marius Sætren Sumstad: Kritiske refleksjoner rundt den globale temperaturutviklingen. Co-learning in a lecturer - student project on critical reflection (Part 2)

Helmer Aslaksen: A mathematics course at the University of Oslo targeted at student teachers (Lektorprogrammet).

Njål Foldnes: Cooperative learning in the flipped classroom: A randomized experiment.

Paul Hernandez-Martinez from Loughborough University, UK contributed with a research report entitled: Developmental design research in the teaching of mathematics to engineers.