Activities were initiated by keynote lectures by Steve Hoy (Consultant from the UK) about filming technique and Gunnar Horn (Leader of the Learning Development Centre at UiA) about communication.

Steve Hoy

Group activities were to produce short mathematics videos implementing the production and communication techniques.

Unni Watne, Morten Brekke, (unidentified back) Eirik Wattengard, and Øyvind Fiksen (obscured) planning a video with a 'story board'.

The programme also included three reports of innovation and development within different institutions, NTNU, Østfold University College and UiA. Also there were two research reports, one by Olov Viirman (Post-doctoral researcher within MatRIC), the other by Professor Pauline Vos (UiA). Olov shared a brief review of very recent research into the use of video in teaching and learning mathematics at university level. Pauline shared ten research based rules for the production and use of video.

Olov Viirman

Presentations of the videos produced in plenary sessions generated a lot of constructive critique, and in the second round a lot of laughter!

As well as an opportunity to learn about video production the workshop was intended to generate networking and contacts between mathematics teachers in different universities and university colleges who shared similar interests to support their students learning through the use of video.

An evaluation completed after the workshop indicated that participants experienced the workshop as very or extremely - enjoyable (92%), useful (73%), and informative (77%). This was the first MatRIC workshop, a lot was learned about video production and thanks to honest reflections in the evaluation about the the organization and content of future workshops.