· Supporting the 4 working groups (Simulation & visualization, Video teaching & digital assessment, Mathematical modeling, and Mathematics teacher education). We hope there will be at least one extended workshop (2 days) for each working group.

· Research grants: A new round for proposals will be announced early in the spring after we have had the opportunity to evaluate the process and products from the 2014 grants.

· A national conference to disseminate the work and activities of MatRIC, and others working in the field.

· Collaboration with the Norwegian Higher education Council (UHR) on the production of a digitally based refresher/transition mathematics course aimed at first year undergraduate students.

· A course for newly appointed university level mathematics teachers and teaching assistants – focused on teaching mathematics to complement the general pedagogy courses offered by most universities and university colleges.

· A 'graduate school' for PhD fellows, post-doctoral researchers and supervisors that focuses on researching teaching and learning university level mathematics.

· 'Field trials' of mathematics support centres for students of mathematics.

· Seminars in the series “How I teach mathematics"

We will make information about all of these activities known through the MatRIC Newsletter, and on our web pages (matric.no). Expressions of interest can be sent to MatRIC's Project manager Line Eielsen Malde ().