We hope the MatRIC conference will achieve several goals. We want to present MatRIC working groups – Simulation & visualization, Video teaching & digital assessment, Mathematical modeling, and Mathematics teacher education. Also we are creating an opportunity for reporting innovation and research in teaching university level mathematics. The reports include four that have received small research grants from MatRIC, and other invited contributions. Presenters of workshops and research and innovation reports are teaching mathematics in a variety of contexts – engineering, economics, and teacher education. We hope there will be something of interest to all participants. The keynote lecture by Professor Tom Lindstrøm, University of Oslo, entitled “What does it mean to understand mathematics? A few questions and no answers," is intended to stimulate the discussion of the fundamental questions we should be asking ourselves as we develop new approaches, using new technologies, to teach and learn mathematics.

Perhaps the most enduring outcome of any conference is the network of friends and colleagues that is established and developed. Networking teachers of university level of mathematics to coordinate innovative and creative solutions to common challenges has a central place in MatRIC's vision. We hope the conference will be an opportunity to make new friends, create new working partnerships and contribute to the development of teaching and learning mathematics in Norwegian universities and university colleges.

The conference programme together with summaries of all the presentations can be found at: http://www.uia.no/senter-og-nettverk/matric