1. Use of digital tools to improve teaching and learning.

Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Agder.

Said Hadjerrouit

Proposal (PDF)

2. Students' critical reflections on a graph on temperature anomalies.

Faculty of Education, Bergen University College.

Kjellrun Hiis Hauge


3. Å prøve ut og forske på "omvendt undervisning" ("flipped classroom").

Avdeling for lærerutdanning, Høgskolen i Østfold.

Marianne Maugesten & Monica Nordbakke


4. Using a free online mathematics learning tool, Khan Academy (KA), to strengthen the relevant mathematics skills of pre-service primary and lower secondary school science and mathematics teachers.

Faculty of Education and International Studies, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences.

Christine Lindstrøm, Kristian Vestli, & James Gray


5. To develop, design and implement short videos with contrasting teaching/learning approaches about bases of general vector spaces (linear algebra).

Narvik University College

Ragnhild Johanne Rensaa