PLATINUM (Partnership for Learning and Teaching in University Mathematics) is an EU Erasmus+ project focusing on Inquiry-based Mathematics Education at the University level. Coordinated by the University of Agder, universities in seven countries, Norway, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands Spain, UK, Ukraine are the partners in the project. One of the intellectual outputs in PLATINUM is related to the professional development of mathematics teachers: we work on different modes of including university lecturers (new and experienced) in the development of inquiry-based teaching and learning approaches in their pedagogical practice.

In order to introduce the main ideas of inquiry-based mathematics education (IBME) to a wider audience, PLATINUM and MatRIC organise a one-day workshop at the University of Agder, Campus Kristiansand, on 18th November 2019.

This one-day workshop will focus on the design of inquiry-oriented mathematics tasks for students in any of the mathematics topics taught in three- or four-year undergraduate university study programmes. We plan to use the day to introduce ideas about inquiry and what inquiry means for us in this project. We will provide examples of inquiry-based tasks which project participants have offered for discussion and collaboration.

Work on the tasks will allow us to discuss with you the nature of inquiry-based mathematics tasks and their role in engaging students with mathematical concepts. If you already use such tasks in your own teaching, we would like to invite you to bring your examples for the discussion at the workshop. We will work with any tasks which project participants suggest for collaborative discussion turning them into inquiry tasks. We will focus practically on task design and discuss with you the characteristics of tasks that we feel will challenge students appropriately and contribute to mathematical understanding.

For a .pdf version of this announcement and workshop programme click on this link.

The program for the workshop

09:30 Welcome and introduction to the workshop. PLATINUM project: the focus on inquiry-based mathematics teaching and learning - Professor Yuriy Rogovchenko, PLATINUM coordinator

09:45 Inquiry-based learning and teaching - Professor Barbara Jaworski, PLATINUM Academic Leader

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Examples of inquiry-based tasks: the characteristics of the tasks and learning goals they are designed to achieve - Professors Barbara Jaworski, Simon Goodchild and Svitlana Rogovchenko

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Participants work on designing their own IBME tasks in different areas of mathematics. Assisted by Professors Barbara Jaworski, Simon Goodchild and Svitlana Rogovchenko

15:00 Presentation and discussion of the tasks: analysis of important issues and difficulties. Moderated by Professor Simon Goodchild, MatRIC Director

16:00 Concluding remarks - Professors Barbara Jaworski and Svitlana Rogovchenko

The workshop fees, travel expenses and one-night hotel accommodation for a limited number of participants coming from other Norwegian universities will be covered by organizers. The places at the workshop will be assigned according to the "first come – first served" principle. To secure your place at the workshop, contact the organizers at your earliest convenience.

The organizing committee:

Svitlana Rogovchenko

Lillian Egelandsaa