NB: Revised deadline for proposals - Now September 30!

There are more than 62 'Topic Study Groups' listed at the ICME14 web pages. See ICME 14 Second Announcement

The following may be of special interest to MatRIC colleagues:

TSG 45: Mathematics for non-specialist/mathematics as a service subject at tertiary level

Chair: Burkhard ALPERS (Germany), Burkhard.Alpers@htw-aalen.de

Co-chair: Mitsuru KAWAZOE (Japan), kawazoe@las.osakafu-u.ac.jp

Team members: Marta CALIGARIS (Argentina)

Olov VIIRMAN (Sweden)

Jing ZENG (China)

IPC Liaison person: Faïza CHELLOUGUI (Tunisia)

TSG 2: Mathematics education at tertiary level

Chair: Ghislaine GUEUDET (France), ghislaine.gueudet.1@univ-rennes1.fr

Co-chair: Irene BIZA (UK), i.biza@uea.ac.uk

Team members: Rongrong CAO (China)

Victor GIRALDO (Brazil)

Azimeh KHAKBAZ (Iran)

IPC Liaison person: Frode RØNNING (Norway)

TSG 13: Teaching and learning of calculus

Chair: David BRESSOUD (USA), bressoud@macalester.edu

Co-chair: Kristina JUTER (Sweden), kristina.juter@hkr.se

Team members: Xuefen GAO (China)

Elizabeth MONTOYA (Chile)

Carlos Armando Cuevas VALLEJO (Mexico)

IPC Liaison person: Luc TROUCHE (France)

TSG 15: Teaching and learning of discrete mathematics

Chair: Elise LOCKWOOD (USA), elise.lockwood@oregonstate.edu

Co-chair: Cecile OUVRIER-BUFFET (France), cecile.ouvrier-buffet@u-pec.fr

Team members: Mariana DURCHEVA (Bulgaria)

Han REN (China)


IPC Liaison person: Catherine VISTRO-YU (Philippines)

TSG 16: Reasoning, argumentation and proof in mathematics education

Chair: Viviane DURAND-GUERRIER (France), viviane.durand-guerrier@umontpellier.fr

Co-chair: Samuele ANTONINI (Italy), samuele.antonini@unipv.it

Team members: Nadia AZROU (Algeria)

Kotaro KOMATSU (Japan)

Chao ZHOU (China)

IPC Liaison person: Takeshi MIYAKAWA (Japan)

TSG 22: Mathematical applications and modelling in mathematics education

Chair: Gilbert GREEFRATH (Germany), greefrath@uni-muenster.de

Co-chair: Cristina ESTELEY (Argentina), esteley@famaf.unc.edu.ar

Team members: Susana CARREIRA (Portugal)

George EKOL (South Africa)

Xiaoli LU (China)

IPC Liaison person: Gabriele KAISER (Germany)

There is still time to submit a poster proposal (1 page) or a paper proposal (abstract 4 pages maximum) before the deadline September 30.