Professor David Bressoud was one of the keynote speakers at the 2018 MatRIC conference. Following the conference Professor Bressoud addressed the annual meeting of The Norwegian Mathematical Council (NMR). His talk at NMR focused on studies conducted in the USA that revealed the extent of the use of active learning approaches, and the positive correlation between 'active learning' and better student performance in mathematics in higher education. The talk inspired the leaders of MatRIC and NMR to commission a survey of approaches used Norwegian higher education mathematics. A joint working group was set up, and the group will present the survey instrument they have devised at the 2019 annual meeting of NMR mid-September. It is hoped that the NMR meeting will agree to the distribution and promotion of the survey to all mathematics teachers in Norwegian higher education institutions later in the autumn. We hope this survey will provide valuable information about the characteristics of mathematics teaching in Norwegian higher education institutions.