After three and a half years Astrid Birgitte Eggen has left her position as Chair of MatRIC's Management Board. This follows Astrid's appointment as Vice Rector (Education) at the University of Stavanger. Astrid has been a wonderful Board leader and we will miss her enthusiasm for MatRIC. Astrid was effective in enabling MatRIC's influence within the University of Agder and encouraging MatRIC to pursue our national and international ambitions. We are very grateful to Astrid for her faithful leadership – especially during the fraught months through which we endured the mid-term evaluation. We wish Astrid well in her new post. We are pleased to note that the University of Stavanger is on the short list for gaining a Centre for Excellence in Education in the current round. We hope UiS is successful in this proposal and that Astrid will be soon back within the community of Norwegian "SFUers".

Morten Brekke takes over as Chair of MatRIC's Management Board. We were delighted that Morten was appointed the new Vice Rector (Education) at UiA. Morten has been a great asset to MatRIC over the last five and a half years and we look forward to enjoying his continued engagement with MatRIC in his new role within the university leadership team. We are confident that he will ensure MatRIC's colours are clearly visible at the top!

Morten's move to the university leadership team leaves a big hole in MatRIC's activity. Morten has been especially successful in developing computer aided assessment in mathematics at UiA and developing national and international networks. Morten retains his interest in developing STACK and NUMBAS and he will continue to support and engage in the networks as much as his new role permits.

Linda G. Opheim is now active in developing MatRIC's role in mathematics teacher education. Our current project, in collaboration with Norwegian Centre for Mathematics Education MatRIC is design a course for recently appointed mathematics teacher-educators. The course will complement MatRIC's existing 'induction teaching course' aimed at recently appointed higher education mathematics teachers. More information about mathematics teacher-educators course will be published later in the autumn.