Mathematics teaching in higher education – induction course

This will be the third time MatRIC with NTNU presents this course for instructors of mathematics employed in universities and university colleges. This time we also collaborate with the the German Centre for Higher Mathematics Education, khdm ( .

MatRIC's "Mathematics teaching in higher education – induction course" is also open to Post-Doc. Researchers or PhD students with some mathematics/statistics teaching responsibilities.

Update following the Covid-19 restrictions on travel and meeting.

The course was at its mid-point (just before the Hannover session, see below) when the pandemic engulfed Europe and we were locked down. The planned sessions where adjusted to be suitable for online (Zoom) presentation. Three or four full day sessions with participants physically present have been replaced by eight online sessions. The alternative arrangement appears to be working reasonably well, although we miss the social engagement. We believe that one of the factors that has facilitated the online engagement is that we were able to start the course with everyone physically present for two days in Kristiansand. In the future, we might consider choosing online sessions out of sensitivity for sustainability, cost and the environment, but it is likely that some meeting when all can be physically present will be included. A digital environment cannot deny the fact that humans are essentially social animals!

As we look to the future, we are led to consider the modularisation of the MatRIC/NTNU Mathematics Teaching-Induction course so that part of it can be accommodated with Uniped courses. This is work in progress.

Course outline

DateLocationKey issues and main speakers include
September 10-11, 2019 KristiansandTeaching and learning of calculus (analysis), and proofs and proving. Professor Tommy Dreyfus, University of Tel Aviv.
Learning Mathematics Professor Barbara Jaworski, Loughborough University, UK

November 1, 2019

Norway and Germany with "Skype" connection
Sharing and discussing mathematics videos produced by participants as a course task.

March 31-April 1, 2020


Research in university mathematics education.
Professor Chris Rasmussen, San Diego State University.
Making mathematics meaningful as a service subject. Professor Burkhard Alpers, Aalen University
Effective teaching and learning mathematics at university. Lisa Lorentzen Emerita Professor NTNU

June 8-9, 2020


Working with individual students and providing mathematics support.
Dr. Michael Grove, University of Birmingham, UK
Computer Aided Assessment in mathematics. Professor Chris Sangwin, Edinburgh University, UK

Additional topics will include:

  • Outline theory of teaching and learning mathematics
  • Task design in mathematics
  • Transition from school to university
  • Digital approaches to teaching and learning mathematics
  • Other topics tailored to the participants' work.

We aim for a good balance of Norwegian and German participants. The location for the meetings in November 2019 and June 2020 will be fixed when we know more about where participants come from. For the one-day meeting in November we plan to have separate sessions in Norway and Germany, with part of the session in common via Skype.

The course is provided without charge ...

MatRIC covers the cost of the course together with participants' transport to meetings, accommodation, and meals.

Work load

The course entails about 100 hours work – composed of 40 hours attendance and 60 hours tasks and project work. Course presenters are experienced higher education mathematics teachers from Norway and abroad, many are international leaders in the field. The schedule of meetings and the named presenters above are confirmed, but there may be minor changes.

The course guide from the previous cohort can be found at . This is being revised to take account of developments, however it will give a good overview of the course and work involved.

To participate

To register an interest in participating in this course please reply to this e-mail or contact or

Simon Goodchild & Frode Rønning