MatRIC's Mid-Term Evaluation

Documents relating to MatRIC's mid-term evaluation. See related article here.

01_Template for self-evaluation document.pdf
03_ Response to 02 by Evaluation Panel - Final Initial Review of the Self-Evaluation Reports- MatRIC.pdf
04_Additional information required by evaluation panel.pdf
05_ Extract from Studibarometer provided by NOKUT-Matric_SB_050417.pdf
06_Interim evaluation Program for the site visit.pdf
07_Site visit_Profiles of informants.pdf
08_Site visit_Presentation 22 May 2017.pdf
09_MATRIC report after site visit - Final.pdf
10_Final Action Plan Structure 2017.pdf
11_Preparation for action plan_meeting with national stakeholders.pdf
12_Preparation for action plan_Notes from UiA meeting.pdf
13_MatRIC Action plan draft.pdf
14_MatRIC feedback on action plan.pdf
15_MatRIC Action Plan for Phase 2.pdf
16_MatRIC Action Plan for Phase 2 Appendix.pdf
18_MatRIC December 2016.pdf
19_Interim evaluation-final report December 2017.pdf

MatRIC Inspiration Day 6 December 2016

MatRIC's Management Board, network coordinators, drop-in support centre leaders and research fellows met to share reports on progress and discuss about challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

The resources included here are the presentations made on that day.

01_MatRIC Inspiration Day Invitation _L_Egelandsaa.pdf
03_MatRIC Leader Report_S_Goodchild.pdf
04_MatRIC Digital Assessment network_M_Brekke.pdf
05_MatRIC Video network_M_Brekke.pdf
06_MatRIC Visualization & Simulation network_PH_Hogstad.pdf
07_MatRIC Drop-in support centres_AB_Fuglestad.pdf
08_MatRIC_PhD fellow_NM_Hogstad.pdf
09_MatRIC PhD fellow_H_Fredriksen.pdf
10_MatRIC PhD fellow_I_Liakos.pdf
11_MatRIC PhD fellow_H_Kjelsrud.pdf
12_MatRIC PhD fellow_S_Kanwal.pdf
13_MatRIC Post_Doc_O_Viirman.pdf
14_MatRIC Inspiration Day Questions to MatRIC's Research Fellows.pdf