Together Professors Lawson and Croft established one of the first 'Centres of Excellence in Teaching and Learning' (CETL) at the universities of Coventry and Loughborough in the UK. The Centre they established, Sigma, focused on offering mathematics support for undergraduate students. The Centres have flourished and been influential in the development of the Sigma network promoting and developing mathematics support for university students throughout the UK and internationally - Republic of Ireland, Norway, Czech Republic and more.

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As Barbara Jaworski writes "They are now among the most illustrious of our peers in mathematics in the UK."

Professor Duncan Lawson is on MatRIC's International Advisory Board, in which position he makes a very valuable contribution to the development and direction of MatRIC. Additionally he is making a very significant contribution to the development of the Centre for Excellence in Education Programme in Norway.

Professor Tony Croft has been a visitor to MatRIC in Kristiansand and Grimstad, in August 2015 he came to advise MatRIC on the establishment of mathematics support centres. He is also the author of the original English material that is being translated and presented on MatRIC TV (Grunnleggende matematikk).

Professors Croft and Lawson have contributed to MatRIC events, conferences, seminars and visits to the Mathematics Education Centre at Loughborough University.

We congratulate Duncan and Tony on receiving this well-deserved and prestigious award for their contribution to teaching mathematics. We are very proud of our association with both these eminent mathematics educators!