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Note to participants:

Vi anbefaler at deltagerne i programmeringskurset bruker Python 3.7 i en Spyder omgivelse, noe som kan installeres via Anaconda. Grunnen er at vi da er helt uavhengig av nett under kurset (etterhvert fins det svært gode nettbaserte omgivelser som for eksempel Trinket). Instruksjoner for hvordan dette gjøres har vi laget på


Norwegian schools are facing a significant revision of the mathematics curriculum, central to this is the goal of enabling pupils' "deep-learning" of mathematics. At the same time Norwegian society is more 'digitalised' than ever, and concepts such as digital skills, programming and coding occupy central positions in discussions about the curriculum revision. Two Norwegian Centres for Excellence in Education, MatRIC and CCSE want to illuminate the discussion and are collaborating in arranging a two-day seminar on programming which is especially aimed at teachers in higher education.

The seminar will introduce the programming language Python, with demonstrations and exercises in the visualization- and programming framework SimReal (developed at the University of Agder). However, for many teachers it is not clear how programming and digital tools can make a positive contribution to teaching and learning mathematics and other subjects. The seminar will, therefore, emphasise the thought processes that lie at the heart of programming, how these thought processes can support learning mathematics and other subjects, the limitations and didactical challenges of programming in learning, and similar issues.

The main target group for the seminar is higher education teachers, especially those working in teacher education. There will also some places available for school teachers. There is no charge for participation in the seminar, but participants are required to cover their own travel costs.

Please note: this seminar will be held in Norwegian.