E-Assessment in Mathematical Sciences (EAMS), Newcastle University, 28-30 August 2018. https://eams.ncl.ac.uk/

The international conference on E-Assessment in Mathematical Sciences is a three-day academic conference organised by Newcastle University.

The conference aims to bring together researchers and practitioners with an interest in e-assessment for mathematics and the sciences. It will consist of a mix of presentations of new techniques, and pedagogic research, as well as workshops where you can get hands-on with leading e-assessment software.

MatRIC Workshop for Mathematics Teacher Education October 17, 2018, Kristiansand.

This workshop will focus on the use of computing and digital technologies in teaching and learning mathematics. It is aimed at students in mathematics teacher education programmes, mathematics teacher educators and mathematics teachers.

There are many local and national events that address mathematics teacher education and we hope the MatRIC workshop will make a valuable addition to, rather than a repetition of, what is well-done by other groups. MatRIC focuses on the quality of the mathematics education that student teachers experience in higher education. We want students and their teachers to experience excellent role models of practice, develop a deep understanding of mathematics and gain experience of effective ways of working mathematically (in this case through computing and using digital technologies).

The language of the workshop will be Norwegian. Further information and registration will be available at the MatRIC web-pages very soon.

The International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (ISSOTL), Bergen, 24-27 October 2018 (ISSOTL) https://www.issotl.com/issotl-2018-conference

The ISSOTL18 conference theme, Toward a learning culture, opens a space for discussions about the collegial, cultural, interprofessional and interpersonal dimensions of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning:

The International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (ISSOTL) serves faculty members, staff, and students who care about teaching and learning as serious intellectual work. The goal of the Society is to foster inquiry and disseminate findings about what improves and articulates post-secondary learning and teaching.

Øresundsdagen om grundkurser i matematik på universiteter og tekniske universiteter/højskoler, Lyngby, Denmark, 31 oktober 2018, https://01005-enote.compute.dtu.dk/Oresundsdagen

Formålet med konferencen er at give lærere og andre som er involverede i matematikgrunduddannelsen, en mulighed for at diskutere og udveksle erfaringer omkring de udfordringer undervisningen står over for i dag. Vi inviterer derfor alle institutioner i regionen til at bidrage med kortere oplæg (ca. 20-30 minutter) for at dele "best practices". Nogle vigtige aktuelle spørgsmål er:

  1. Hvordan hænger matematikundervisningen (indhold og form i vid forstand) sammen med uddannelserne, og hvordan sikrer vi at matematik bliver et endnu stærke, inspirerende og effektivt værktøj?
  2. Hvilke nye pædagogiske muligheder giver det når programmering og/eller diskret matematik integreres med standardundervisningen i kontinuert matematik og lineær algebra?
  3. Hvilke forskelle er der, eller bør der være, på hvordan indledende undervisning praktiseres på f.eks. "universiteter" og "tekniske højskoler". Hvor stor vægt skal der i dag lægges på det formelle og beviser, og i hvor høj grad er IT-værktøjer nyttige/nødvendige?

Workshop on programming and interactive visualisation and simulation in mathematics. 5-6 November 2018.

This workshop is being arranged as a joint activity between to Centres for Excellence in Education, MatRIC, Centre for Research, Innovation and Coordination of Mathematics Teaching (www.matric.no), and CCSE, Centre for Computing in Science Education (https://www.mn.uio.no/ccse/). Further information will be available very soon.

STACK Conference https://www.stack-konferenz.de/ the first international STACK Conference for the 15 and 16 November 2018. It will be hosted by the Innovation in Learning Institute in Fürth, Germany.

The mission of the Conference is to offer a forum for the STACK Community, to exchange ideas about possibilities and challenges in creating questions, to get closer to solving technical questions and to shape the future of STACK.

The STACK Conference is aimed at interested players from schools and universities, regardless of whether ILIAS or moodle is used, who use STACK in teaching, develop questions or are responsible for setting up and maintaining the system. Those who plan to use STACK and want to inform themselves about the possibilities are also very welcome to participate.

The presentations, workshops and posters offer diverse impulses for discussions and exchange of experiences.

Eleventh Congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education (CERME11), 6th to 10th of February, 2019, https://cerme11.org/

CERME 11 ishosted by the Freudenthal Group, in collaboration with the Freudenthal Institute, of Utrecht University. It will take place in Utrecht, the Netherlands. CERME11 will be preceded by a YERME day for young researchers.

21st Conference for Research in Undergraduate Mathematics (RUME) 28 February - 2 March 2019, Oklahoma City, OK http://sigmaa.maa.org/rume/crume2019/SIGMAA-RUME/c...

As part of its on-going activities to foster research in undergraduate mathematics education and the dissemination of such research, the Special Interest Group of the Mathematical Association of America on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education (SIGMAA on RUME) presents its twenty-first Conference on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education.

The conference is a forum for researchers in collegiate mathematics education to share results of research addressing issues pertinent to the learning and teaching of undergraduate mathematics. The conference is organized around the following themes: results of current research, contemporary theoretical perspectives and research paradigms, and innovative methodologies and analytic approaches as they pertain to the study of undergraduate mathematics education. The program will include plenary addresses, contributed paper sessions, and preliminary paper sessions.

MNT (STEM) Conference https://www.realfagsrekruttering.no/konferanser/mnt-konferansen-2019/ 28-29 March, 2019, Tromsø.

The theme for the conference is 'Constructive Alignment'

The basic idea of "Constructive Alignment" is that there must be consistency between learning goals, teaching and learning activities and assessment. Working with "Constructive Alignment" involves formulating clear goals that describe what the students will learn, choose, or develop, teaching methods that will enable students to develop the desired skills, as well as assessment methods that reflect the learning goals. This can apply to several levels in the course of education, from entire study programs to subjects or smaller modules.